We provide comprehensive holistic care putting the patient first.  We have found this to be quite unique.  This includes ordering diagnostic tests, review of those tests with  you and formulate a treatment plan, medication management, including which one(s) to avoid, selection of those medications adjustment of those medications over time at follow-up visits, ordering and directing of therapies (PT/OT/Biofeedback), adjustment of those therapies, use of manual medicine and the whole host of the Interventional Treatments which are the primary focus of the practice. 

We are a private, independent, physician owned and run practice with no hospital or healthcare system affiliation and no drug company or other corporate contracts or sponsorship.  We put patient care first.

We do not see pharmaceutical sales representatives.

We do have have any or handle any drug samples of any kind.

No,  we do not see patients who are looking for pills.  Dr Stretanski does not, and has never seen patients for isolated controlled-substance prescribing other than Suboxone or Hospice patients.  

There are no controlled-substances , meaning no "narcotics" in the office at anytime.

All parts if our office are under 24 hour video and audio surveillance.

We continue to provide services at Shelby Hospital, including "Laser" Endoscopic Diskectomy,  Khyphoplasty, Pain Pumps, Spinal Cord Stimulators and TruFuse

WE'VE MOVED July 2019​​
Dr. Stretanski' main office is now on SOUTH TRIMBLE RD. we are on staff at several systems and Dr Mike has professorship at OUCOM but are notaffiliated with or owned by the OhioHealth / MedCentral / AvitaHealth System. 

   Interventional Spine &Pain     

     Rehabilitation Center

We occasionally have phone issues. alternate

phones 614 975 1003 and 614 493 6631

Scheduling  419 522 1100  Fax 419 522 4118

Main Office

1221 S. Trimble Rd., Suite B1 

Mansfield, OH 44907

tel (419) 522-1100    fax (419) 522 - 4118

      First Second and Third Class FAA Flight Physicals

      Air Traffic Controller Physicals / HIMS Exams

Columbus Office - Saturday Spine Clinic

50 Old Village Rd.,  Columbus, OH

appointments through Mansfield Office

Wyandot Specialty Clinic,  CLOSED

​Notice to Previous Wyandot Patients

Dr Mike's last day at Wyandot Hospital  was 03-11-2015.  Dr mike was not involved in the decision to close this clinic - We simply got a letter from Wyandot administration.

Dr Mike assures the people of Wyandot County that anyone wanting to see him will be able to do so in the Mansfield Office -  Special preparations for will be made for scheduling or those needing transportation.

Wyandot Patients have been given special consideration in scheduling for the Mansfield Office  

Those patients with implantable technologies such as Spinal Cord Stimulators, or Pain Pumps already have Dr Mikes personal cell number, and we know your refill dates.  Dr Mike considers himself blessed to have had the opportunity to have built the clinic at Wyandot into a state-of-the-art Spine  & Pain Center, but is not involved with and not responsible for the facility after March 2015

Scheduling for Wyandot patients will be through the main office 419 522 1100

and Dr Mikes Personal Cellphone has always been listed 614 975 1003